How Does Automate Ads Work?

How Does Automate Ads Work?

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Connect all of your ad accounts to our beautiful dashboard.


Customize Your Automation Tasks

1. Budget Management

Our Automation System will start with an equal budget for each segmented targeting profile. As it tests and learns it will reallocate the daily budget from poor performing segments into top performing targeting profiles based on both cost and volume of conversions.

2. Creative A/B Testing

Upload as many different creative variations as you want. Our Automation System will A/B test all of them and discover the winning combinations automatically.

3. Ad Rotation

Winning creatives will be placed into a creative rotation and switched out multiple times a day(or every other day based on your settings) to prevent ad rot.

4. Bid Optimization

Our neural network will automatically manage and optimize your bids based on real-time pricing data through the Facebook Ads API, performance data from your own ads account, and data over 300 million in historical ad spend data.

Understand Your Users And Ad Campaign Performance
Like Never Before

Automate Your Daily Tasks

Automate Ads will segment target markets, A/B test creative combinations, optimize bids, monitor campaign performance 24/7, and pause poor performing ads automatically. Spend less time manually managing campaigns and let our automated campaigns manage themselves.


The future of paid media optimization is programmatic and data-driven. Automate Ads makes optimization decisions based on performance data with no extra work from you. Stop spending hours trying to set up rule-based systems and manually managing your campaigns. Let data-science demonstrate the true meaning of campaign automation.

All-In-One Advertising

Create, manage, and optimize all of your paid media campaigns in one place with a beautiful and intuitive dashboard. Take your campaigns on the go with our iOS, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android apps.

Robust Reporting And Insights

The data behind your campaign performance is crucial to understanding ROI. Our reporting and analytics features help advertisers understand the true cost and performance of campaigns. Watch our automation system put data to work and drive your budget into the top performing ads based on both the cost and volume of conversions.

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