Digital Advertising On Autopilot

Digital Advertising
On Autopilot

Track User Events, Attribute Conversions,
And Automate Ad Operations
How It Works How We're Unique

Marketers, Meet Your
New Best Friend

Marketers, Meet Your New Best Friend

Automate day-to-day ad management tasks like bid optimization, A/B testing, keyword sourcing, and ad rotation with our performance-driven Automation Systems.

Automate Campaign

Automate Campaign Management

Managing multiple paid media campaigns is a full time job. Think of Automate Ads as your own dedicated paid media team, only powered by software and data-science.

Optimize With Performance
Data, Not Arbitrary Rules

Optimize With Performance Data, Not Arbitrary Rules

Leave confusing rule-based optimization in the past. Our Bid Intelligence System improves ROI by 45% on average and saves advertisers dozens of hours a week in manual campaign management.

Track Every User Event Back
To Every Marketing Campaign

Dive deep into the on-site or in-app actions of your users with our Attribution Tracking System. Track every user and every move they make after clicking on your ads. Build funnels and segments to visualize bottlenecks in your campaigns, automatically create retargeting audiences, and understand campaign performance like never before.